BamBOOpalooza Final Recap

Bamboopalooza was hosted in great spirit of community, last month on December 4, at Green School Bali. This fundraising event aims to raise funds to the Local Scholars Programme, a scholarship that allows Indonesian students to attend Green School. In 2015/16 we have 27 students supported by the programme.

The funding is awarded based on household income, and students are requested to apply every year. Qualified applicants are eligible to receive up to 99% of the cost of tuition fees. The Local Scholars Programme can only exist through the generous contributions of our supporters and once again we would like to show our gratitude to the one that have attended the event. Your support is the essence of the programme and benefits the entire community.

This year we are confident to say that more than 400 people attended the event as we registered 264 visitors, 64 vendors, 14 student enterprise projects, students games from across all grades, 40 tour guests, students from the nearby public schools, teachers, etc. The total profit that goes towards the support of the Local Scholars Programme Rp. 26,315,100.00

The feedback from the community was very positive and the event vibe was high. Students loved their booths and the teachers said it was a great enterprise activity.

We are looking forward to see you next year!

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