Bamboopalooza – Mark The Date October 27

Dear community,

Our 1st big community event is coming up soon.

On the way to preparing it, a couple of meetings involving parents and teachers took place and brought up interesting considerations around it.

What exactly is Bamboopalooza?

What is its format?

We realized that the event took a bunch of formats, directions, intention since its creation about 8 years ago. However, the common thread always was: community, family and fun.

We also did some discovery about how best to take this forward given the positives and challenges of the event in the past.  We know that:

  1. celebrating our cultural diversity is precious to Green School

  2. children (and many parents as well) love to put costumes on, be silly.

So we think we found a good compromise between these different elements.

October 27th: Bamboopalooza Internatzscionale

mostly handled and manned by parents

Cultural diversity celebration

— ”Expo” style format including (but not exclusively)

      – countries or groups of countries ”pavilions” / booths with

                 – fun games (typical from each country)

                 – food (typical from each country.potluck style prepared by parents)

      – music representing each country

      – other various activities / classic ones from previous years, probably ran by students like wet sponge through / slip & slide…

      – More to be announced…

Teachers can celebrate with students in their classroom, add an activity to the event if they feel inspired to do so but no obligation.

Parents / Class ambassadors will be available to help if needed.

Tentative Schedule:

– Regular morning for students / parents set up their booth

– 1:30 – 2:00 Early assembly

– 2:00 – 5:30 Bamboopalooza Internatzscionale

November 3rd (following week) : Costume Holloween 

– students come in costume. Some guidelines around types of costumes that would not be appropriate are forthcoming to be shared with the students and families.

– special assembly with costume contest and fun “thriller” style music 🙂

Get ready to have fun and celebrate. Our events team along with GSPA will be in touch with you soon.

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