Baptiste-The Week Past and the Week Ahead

3D for Art-

the Art ,perspective drawings has been start, from the pensils to the ruler or the computer with inkscape, we h

ave been through the technic of 1 point perspective drawing,

Next week we will start to think about how to make other 3D effect, using also shadding.

on the left a student has done it in maybe 5 mins but I really like it, she definitly has designer skills

on the right, that is the letter 0 round like the earth but deep , beautiful.

Geometry-Waou, they are great !!

last week was a bit challanging, getting the good amount of books, new students arrived also during the middle of the week . but I love them, we was working with the basics of geometry, points, line and plane and they managed it very very well.

next week we will start the project with Sketchup about Arabic pattern !! very excited about it !


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