Beep beep from Our Bio Buses!

It was a really busy week for us even though the holiday is right at the corner. However, we are thrilled to escalate our effort and improving our service to the student, Green School, and the world. Here is some brief update from Bio Bus Team for our activities over this week:

  1. As the enthusiasm of riding the zero-emission bus is pretty high, we open new route that has the spot in Horse Stable in Canggu!

  2. Due to supervision adjustment, the afternoon drop-off time might vary by 15 minutes. Follow us on twitter on @gsbiobus to get the recent update.

  3. BioBus and Green School will be having an annual trip to East Java to present a workshop and a drama on this May!

  4. GIN conference is right at the corner! We need some students to be the representative of BioBus and Green School. Come to BioBus office or tell Pak Kyle or Pak Aga for further information.

We are a small team with a giant dream, your support is really precious for us.

Thank you

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