Beep Beep from Our Bio Buses!

Beep beep from Our Bio Buses!

It was a really busy week for us with some new challenges.

On Thursday, 26 Oct, we started a carpooling audit.  Thanks for your patience and sorry for the hold up.  The information is being used to continue to improve the transportation systems here at Green School.  Quick fact, middle school did this same survey 3 years ago and the information was used to get approval for the Bio Buses.

During Jalan Jalan our students visited with Mestre Indio and learn about the process of distillation for essential oils.  Maybe we can make our own soon so we don’t have to buy it for making our soaps!  Or even better maybe we could distill for making a new ethanol fuel from waste food?!

As a social enterprise, Bio Bus aims to empower the local community by creating workshop about used cooking oil based product making. We started on Wednesday where 4 students went to local school of SMPN3 and started a 6 week soap making and used cooking oil exchange class in conjunction with Jalan-Jalan program . Thanks to Britt, Stella, Tessa, and Angel, you were a hit! Thanks to Pak Aga and Pak Dimas for organising this workshop.

We collected 64 litters of used cooking oil in Ubud this week.  Thanks to Arang Sate, Cafe Lotus and Elephant restaurants. We also got a new collaboration with another educational institution which is STIBA (Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Bahasa Asing) that located in Denpasar to collect used cooking oils. Last week, we received 600 litters of UCO, from STIBA alone!

Bio Bike is right at the corner! It only needs some additional part to make it more looks perfect. We might release the Bio Bike before the end of this semester. Check out us revving on youtube:  Tee Shirts will be coming soon!

Lastly we were SHORTLISTED for a highly regarded award in the USA.  We will know more in November if we will advance as a finalist for Student-Led Early Venture Program. It is with the Re-Imagine Education. Finger crossed!


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