Big Biodiesel Wednesday

Hey guys, it’s the Bio Bus team again. We are going to tell you about some slippery stuff!

  1. We had some High School students from Frogn in Norway come and pay us a visit. We bopped around Ubud taking advantage of extra muscle to haul used cooking oil.

  2. We were at the Bali Spirit Festival, and will be there all week this week.  We have a booth that we are sharing with Kembali.  Come by for a visit!

  3. The Bio Bike will be ready just in time for Sustainable Solutions. It is a custom project from scratch.  We are excited to present and offer rides on this one of a kind Chopper.  Don’t miss it!

  4. Please please please fill up with our Biodiesel. Next newsletter we’ll talk more about where you can buy/rent a diesel vehicle, and more details.  

  5. The Grease Police collected 73 liters of UCO this week!! Thanks to Taksu, Naughty Nuri’s, Fly Café, Cafe Lotus, Arang Sate Bar, The Elephant, and a local Warung.

  6. Please check out our website and sign our petition to ban the resale of UCO.

Thank you lovely community for all of your support! The link to our website is:


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