BIG Burgeoning Bio Bus Week

It is a hold onto your hat sort of week with the Bio Bus!  First off we will have a big presence at Sustainable Solutions this Friday.  Go see students Marein, Ihno and Shiraz present on the first Biodiesel Motorcycle in Indonesia.  They have been working for the past few months under the guidance of Parent If Bahri and Mechanic Nyoman Dewa.  Check out the bike in its final stages of custom construction.  It has been been built from the “Ground up” and sure to be a hit at Sustainable Solutions.  Look forward to these tool bags for those DIY mechanics out there!

Next you may have notice a film crew bopping around campus tailing the Bio Bus team.  They are a group from Singapore.  Their mission is to “tell stories of people doing good in Asia to inspire our online community to take action, so that the subjects of our stories get the help they need to impact more lives”.  It is an honor to be part of their campaign is and is sure to move ahead renewable energy!

As if that is not enough, Bio Bus will be taking onboard the Pak Shawn and his troop of the Ramayana Theatre Production for a roadtrip to East Java.  The 30 person team will be rolling through Banyuwangi, Probolingo, Malang and Jember to share performance art and spread the good gospel of Biodiesel.  Remember Indonesia is an emerging economy with a growing and already huge transportation sector.  Bio Bus is a breath of fresh air and option to inform on!


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