Bio Bus Collect 288 litres of UCO!

The shock and excitement of having so many students join the Bio Bus still hasn’t worn off. It was still such an amazing thing to see all these people who are here word hard in helping us build, and spread awareness of our project. Today we had not one, but TWO groups go out to collect Used Cooking Oil. We had one group go to Sanur, and the other to Canggu. We managed to collect around 288 litres of UCO!

Yes, that’s a lot! But can you guess how much we collected last week? We created a 72 hour cooking oil collection challenge, and at the end of it managed to get more than 400 litres of used cooking later! We were all so surprised and overwhelmed by this fantastic accomplishment.

Remember, you can also help us cut the black market supply chain on UCO, by simply picking up your own jerry can at the Bio Bus office, and collecting UCO from around your community. Then dropping your oil off at the office again. This is already a massive contribution as it not only fuels our bus, but takes these unhealthy re-used oils out of our oceans and bodies.

Besides all this, today we also had eight interns, from all around Indonesia, come in to see what the Bio Bus is all about. Because we have so many different jobs, each intern experienced different parts of the Bio Bus. While some went for Grease Police, others went to make soap. Some joined us in a really interesting sustainable design workshop. This workshop helped us take a look at our direct and indirect stakeholders. From this we gained knowledge on some potential projects we could pursue. It was such a cool opportunity to be a part of, and we are super excited to have so many potential ideas and projects to work on for bettering the future of the Bio Bus, and that of clean transportation.

Don’t forget to watch and support our TEDxUbud Talk on the 28th of May, where Kyla and Maxwell will be speaking about our story, and accomplishments.  The presentation will also be broadcasted live at the Rumah Sanur. Bio Bus will be helping with transportation, for those who would like a ride. If you are interested in hopping on for a ride, please email

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