Bio Bus – Halloween Collection

“Trick or Oil!” Is what our Creepy Grease Police team said today to Plant Cartel, Dojo Bali, and Old Mans. It’s the 31st of October and our team has been preparing. Excited about the oil they are about to receive as treats for our Bio Bus, they head out. Of course all these restaurants were a little bit surprised when seeing their usual Bio Bus students as make upped and slightly wounded fish and mermaids. Our theme was the ocean because what’s better than raising awareness for the ocean whilst doing our best to save the air and earth. We almost have all four elements! Let us explain: We save water by preventing the used cooking oil from going into the river and ocean and bleaching the coral reefs. We save the air because our Bio Bus releases more than 80% less CO2 than normal diesel. We save the earth because we prevent the used cooking oil going into the ground and contaminating the ground.

Happy Halloween and have a Greasy, Creepy Great 31st of October!

By Britt Koens


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