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Hi everyone,

Today the Bio Bus went to Udayana University, the number one university in Bali, to learn about an amazing project they are working on. Pak Yopi, a student at the university who got his masters degree there, started an amazing project where he turns waste paper into bioethanol. He came up with this idea when he was working for a newspaper company. He realized how much paper goes to waste everyday and even before going to this university, he wanted to change this. Also, this newspaper waste can be described as a kind of “dust”, very bad for the environment and also very bad for your health.

We learned a lot from him. We learned that there are two generations of bioethanol. The first is bioethanol made from any food waste material, and the second is made from any biomaterial. The Bio Bus is currently working on creating bioethanol from the first generation. Bioethanol can be used for fuel, cosmetics, perfume, etc. They even have a small generator running on their bioethanol which actually powers a small part of their university.

We were told that at Udayana University, they encourage each student to be aware of their environment and see the “outside world”, observing and experiencing the issues first hand, which is exactly what we are trying to achieve in the Jalan-Jalan program. Jalan-Jalan means “to walk”, to see everything around you, to explore.

Thank you so much for having us Udayana, what a wonderful opportunity for us to learn from you and share ideas!!

Britt Koens.

Bio Bus Crew

Welcome back to Bio Bike, we have been making many changes and feel that we should update you on the things that are going on in Bio Bike right now. The major change is that we have decided that we want to change the gearbox to a fully manual clutch system. This means we have had to take apart the bike, making it look like we have gone backwards with the progress.  However, we are just replacing some elements of the bike. Today we cleaned everything and made sure our new system can be fully integrated into the bike. Next week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we will continue to work on the bike. More updates will follow in the next couple of weeks.

Marein and Ihno

Bio Bike crew


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