Bio Bus Updates!

Beep Beep Biobus,

Hi Green School, Welcome March. New month, new focus, new results, same spirits, make today count. Here is BioBus updates:

  1. This week’s jalan-jalan, students got 90 liters of used cooking oil. Whoa, that was quite a lot and students came back with bigger muscle J,

  1. Bioethanol experiment was trying a bigger fermentation this week with five kilos of watermelon waste, a step closer to realized our eco-friendly fuel project,

  2. GIN Conference this week at Canggu Community Schools. BioBus will participate and present our innovative product and programs including Biodiesel presentation and Bio Soap making,

  3. Carbon Calculator and Carbon Zero project is getting closer and closer to its final phase. Wait for it’s launching in a short of time,

  1. Carbon zero project demonstration will be conducted on tomorrow‘s assembly, please give us valuable feedback and input through our mail,

  2. As we are ready to move to our new headquarter in the I-Hub, we are ready to scale up our production of biocandle and biosoap. Along with that, we are very excited to experimenting with many ideas we had to make Green School Better, Come Innovate With Us.

We are small team with big dream, your support is very helpful.

“Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you became what you believe” [Unknown]

Have A Good Day.

Beep Beep Beeeeeeeeepppppp BioBuzz!!!

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