Bio Bus Updates

We are very excited to expand our contribution to save mother earth. This week, a lot has been going on. So here is our updates:

We have had a lot of visitors this week. Groups of environmentally progressive people from Aceh, GS Tour, Green Educator Course and even friends of GS community whom we loved to share our story with.

Friends from SMP 3 Abiansemal has visited us, learn how to make bio soap from Bio Bus during jalan-jalan program,

Grease Police collaborate with Green Educator Course to collect 40 liter of used cooking oil from Ubud,

Bio-ethanol research and development had been conducted with three students doing the fermentation process from watermelon and food waste from our lunch and rice straw,

Carbon zero program had gain a lot progress with the completion of on-line survey, rigorous research and brainstorming are on the way and hopefully something beautiful will comes out of it, [soon],

This week, a lot of parents coming to Bio Bus telling their difficulties and confusion on booking bio bus. If you are using Bio Bus and having difficulties doing the booking, feel free to ask the Bio Bus team in BB Office.

We are small team with big dream, your support is very helpful.


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