Bio Bus Updates!

Hi everyone! We’re from the Bio Bus team and we would like to share with you what we did today.

  1. Grease Police collected more than 65 liters of used cooking oil today! They collected from Laughing Buddha, Cafe Lotus, Elephant, Arang Sate Bar, and much more. Thanks you guys!

  2. We had a man film our activities for French TV TF1. He followed the Grease Police, and took some great shots!

  3. Another Bio Bus group went to a local middle school, SMPN3. They teach them how to make Bio Soap and today they went through the process and materials that you need to make the Soap and the calculations.

  4. Thoriq prepared the presentation (happening at the moment) for the Potato Head representatives. Potato Head is a restaurant that would like to know more about the Bio Bus. Probably most of you know them. He also started preparing for a Bio Bus roadshow in Java and was researching a biodiesel plant there.

  5. Charlie illustrated our story to make it more accessible. It goes from the start of our project to where we are now.

  6. Another group was planning a video we will make about the Bio Bus for people who want to know more about the booking and safety on the bus. They made a storyboard planning what it will look like. Stay tuned!

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