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Hi GSHS Families,

We are nearing the end of block five in the high school. It’s a little bit hard to believe we are already preparing for the last block of the academic school year! Block six in GSHS is a very engaging time as students prepare for important events such as GreenStone, Sustainable Solutions, and this year’s graduation festivities.

Today, students listened to all teachers talk about their block six course selections on offer. We write up these course selections using a template that contains various pieces of information meant to engage, intrigue and inform their choices and make the process fun.

All of the write-ups for the courses offered in block six can be found here:

Block 6 Course Statements

Some new features of block six include the LEAP academy option, as well as Jalan Jalan programs that are service oriented and all working on projects related to our Sustainable Solutions Festival in June.

Every course module across the year is planned carefully using key topic areas along with Core Competencies and Critical Skills by which we assess the students’ learning. A list of our Core Competencies (the core of our curriculum) is attached here. Most courses, as you can see on the blog, contain competencies from a range of different subject areas, which is how we integrate our learning. A diverse set of course choices throughout a student’s Green School High School experience will result in being able to apply and in most cases master these Core Competencies allowing for a deep ability to self-direct learning beyond our wall-less school. (We also check all student’s selections each block to ensure they are learning and practicing these competencies regularly.)

Your children may be showing you our Moodle course selection site at: They have login names and passwords so that they can access the course information there as well and make their first and second choice selections. They should all be able to walk you through this process themselves as they have been trained on the process. Course selections for block six should be finalized by Monday April 18th.

Thanks, everyone! We look forward to catching up with many of you during conference time on Friday.

Block six courses will start on Monday, April 25th.


The HS Team

High School Curriculum Book 2015-2016

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