Book Swap – May 31

We are going to hold a Book Swap event. This is a great way to get new reading material without spending any money. Everyone can join us! (students, teachers, staff, parents). Please be informed about the following details:

Date: Friday, May 31st 2019 Time: 3.30pm Place: 2nd Floor HoS (near library)


May 16th 2019 until May 29th 2019

  1. Students and teachers may bring “gently used” books to the library.

  2. Ibu Ayu Rosita will give tokens according to the number of the books collected (if you bring more than 5 books in, you’ll only take 5 books back).

May 31st 2019 at 3.30

  1. Students may come to 2nd Floor HoS (near library) to pick any books


  1. Appropriate for Pre K – High School (fiction and non-fiction)

  2. Books are in good condition (cover on, no rips, bent edges, no coloring/writing on them)

  3. No coloring/activity/sticker books

  4. Books must be in English or Bahasa 

We will donate the remaining books to B.A.C.A (Bina Anak Cinta Aksara) literacy project for local school and Rotaract Club for local school library.

Everybody in Green School is invited. Thank you so much!

Best Regards,

Ayu Rosita


Green School Bali

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