Book Swap – This Friday 19 May

The Library Committee is going to hold a Book Swap event. Please inform your students about the following details:

Date: Friday, May 19th 2017 Time: 3.15 Place: Art studio (under library)


May 4th 2017 until May 19th 2017

  1. Students and teachers may bring “gently used” books to the library.

  2. Ibu Ayu Rosita will give tokens according to the number of the books collected (if you bring more than 5 books in, you’ll only take 5 books back).

May 9th 2017 at 3.15

  1. Students may come to Art studio (under Library) to pick any books


  1. Appropriate for Pre K – High School (fiction and non-fiction)

  2. Books are in good condition (cover on, no rips, bent edges, no colouring/writing on them)

  3. No coloring/activity/sticker books

  4. Books must be in English and Bahasa

Thank you,

Library Committee team


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