Brett – End of term two and we are already looking forward to term three

What a great finale to an awesome and most positive term for Primary Green studies.

All grades participating in the Sampah challenge has really given us all a great perspective on our sampah footprint here in Bali and around the world.

Early years is out exploring and seeing new things everywhere.  Frogs and Butterflies in addition to the flowers in the garden have become our good friends.   We are hoping to see our corn peeking out of the ground when we get back from the break.

Grade one finished up with a trash walk on the other side of the fence from their classroom and found more than plenty of plastic and metal to bring to Kembali and put in the appropriate place.

Grade two gave offerings to our Bali Starling companions with their donation of Crickets and Mealworms.  They will also be continuing this exercise next term.

Grade three had a visit to Kerobokan to see just where all our recycling ends up and how it is processed and sorted.

Grades 4 and 5 have completed their roof ornaments, their monuments to their beloved classrooms.  They will be displayed up on top of the buildings after break (keep an eye out).

All students in grades 1-5 have completed their self-assessments (minus a few who went on holiday before the last week) and they will give the parents a good idea of each students’ green studies experience over the last semester.


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