Brett – End of the school year, Sustainable Solutions, class project updates and cool guests

Happy end of the school year to everyone,

It has been a great year full of games and activities, scrapes and bruises, challenges and successes.  It has been a joy to get to work with the primary and to see each student make discoveries and have that joy of finding something new.  I hope that the students will carry memories of this year with them and remember all the good things we got into for years to come.

So much to say and good-byes are not easy but all the students moving on to new countries are going to be sincerely missed by their teachers and friends here and I hope that we can see each other again.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I look forward to hearing about your next adventures.

Sustainable Solutions was a great success for many reasons.  The primary projects were well received and the students had such pride in the work they were able to accomplish in the last part of the term for the event.  Grade one, Luba, Gokcen, Ibu Marta, and the teachers all did such a wonderful job on the Beep project.  It is so refreshing to see the enthusiasm and excitement that the students had when they brought the bees back to Green School.  I was happy that I got to be a part of that project with them.  They are our bee experts now and will be leading the way with that project for years to come.

Grade two did a great job with the Trash Rangers project and hats off to Ibu Sara and Gokcen again for working to put that all together.  Grade two is also super proud of the work they have done on their class ponds (photos to come) and I think each incoming class will be glad that they left such a legacy to share with the younger students.  Plants are coming in and the finishing touches are happening for next years unveiling.

Grade three shined with the worms and they were able to raise over 2 million for the charities they chose (Bark, Outrop, Villa Kitty and Tumbuh).  They will no doubt be able to share their knowledge with the other grades next year as we ramp up our production to include selling worms and the castings (black gold for the soil) to market patrons next year.  Our pizza party was a great celebration of their hard work and they made some really delicious pies for that day at snack.  We can’t wait to do that again.

Grade four has nearly completed their rainwater catchment project and the grey-water filtration system is now functioning in the grade two B pond area.  We had a guest speaker come to demonstrate to us the workings of the “first flush system” which we then built to divert the dirty water after the first bit of rain so that the water we collect will be clean and clear.  The students excelled quickly and were able to understand the concept with ease.   Thanks to Pak Maitri for coming to share his expertise with us.

Grade five has been making this transition to middle school that has had them so busy with their footprints that we really weren’t doing too much else in Green Studies but we still were able to cover some core science that will serve them well in middle school.  The students were thankful to have some social time with their friends and we were able to play some games in addition to class work so that we remember not to get too stressed at the end of the year.  Thanks grade five.  Ibu Rachel from Earth Song Global came to speak to us about the vibrations of plants and the students were able to get a lot out of that experience.  Thanks Ibu Rachel!

Thank you to you all.  Have a wonderful break. See you outside!!!


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