Brett – First week of term two

Hello and welcome back students and families,

We are off to a good start here for another fun term filled with exciting projects and hands-on learning for the primary and early years.

Grade 1 is starting their thematic on Indonesian tales and will get to grow cucumbers as they learn about the tale of the golden cucumber.  The experience of staring something from a tiny seed and to nourish it and watch as it produces hundreds of seeds is a magical thing that every 1st grader should have the opportunity to do.

Grade 2 is entering into a unit on Animal tales of Indonesia and learning about animal classification.  During our fall break, we lost our crickets due to a lack of moisture during the intense heat.  Sometimes failure can teach us and we are determined not to give up in our Bali starling feeding program.   The good news is that our mealworms survived and have taught us that mother nature always provides us with amazing solutions.  Check out this recent study on mealworms.

Grade 3 is getting their garden up to speed and has been busy making seed balls and planning their companion planting area next to the classroom.  The students will also be designing their own future sustainable communities complete with input/output energy and food systems during the first half of this term.

Grade 4 has begun their wind energy unit with a design contest to build a wind turbine “pinwheel” which will be a nice lead in to an actual bamboo turbine that we hope will give us at least enough power to charge a handheld device. Stay tuned.  The animal thematic will also provide us an opportunity for getting into a project involving our favorite animals and presenting on those to the class.

Grade 5 has begun building their roof ornaments for the new classrooms and we are hoping to have them ready to be put up by the end of next month.  With the help of the carpenters, the students will be designing and mounting the ornaments on bamboo poles to be placed in the holders on top of the new structures.

Each grade will be addressing the issue of waste in their own way after this unit and each grade will be putting together a project to showcase for our Bamboopalooza event on December 4th.

In solidarity and sustainably yours,

Pak Brett


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