Brett – Waste units and gearing up for Bamboopalooza next week

Hello friends of Primary Green Studies,

What amazing participation from our primary students on the sampah challenge.  Each class is collecting their waste and learning about the big picture of human garbage and the whole story that our waste has to tell.  The projects that are coming up are exciting and engaging and it is great to see such enthusiasm from teachers and students.

Grade 1 has a new experimental composting station that is asking the question about long how our organic, recyclable and non-recyclable waste takes to decompose.  Most students are guessing that the organic waste will turn back into soil first.  Their cucumbers are growing and will be ready to harvest next term.  The students have also been learning new games in and out of the classroom to practice our nature awareness skills.  In addition to all of this, they are all doing crafts from the recycled materials they find at Kembali.  Keep checking here for updates and news for the next term.

Grade 2 is about ready to start their pond project and have started to learn about the habitat needs of frogs and fishes that we hope to have living with us just outside our classrooms (lots of work to do here, but we are looking forward to the challenges).   Creating a habitat for frogs and fish will be a great legacy that they will be proud of there and they will be able to revisit their creation for years to come. The crickets and mealworms are going to be hatching their babies and bringing our makanan burung (bird food) to the begawan foundation to help feed our Bali Starling friends.

Grade 3 has been working on a project for Bamboopalooza that will be finished at the event and will showcase one of the many solutions to our plastic waste around Bali (and the World, for that matter).  They are all excited about it and so make sure to be here in the afternoon for the event on the 4th of December to see what the excitement is all about.  Next term as the rains will be here, we are going to continue with our Bamboo planting project from last year in grade 2 and see just how much we can plant down by the pig pathway next to the vortex to create a great green pathway (and a smell break from the pigs for grades 4 and 5 in the years to come.

Grade 4 has begun working on their roof ornaments and are getting their designs together.  We are hoping to get the new ornaments up by the end of the term.  Our wind power project is currently on hold until we finish our roof ornaments for the new buildings, but we are still very excited to work with the local materials and find a way to make electricity from the wind.  Another exciting project is the current decomposition of food project that has been started with the home room teachers.  (Ask a 4th grader to explain the scientific method and what they are doing in the class science experiment).

Grade 5 is just about finished with their roof ornaments and we are hoping to have them up by next Friday (wish us luck).  They are looking really great and have brought out the creative minds of the grade 5 students and really shows how talented they all really are.   The class had mixed opinions and viewpoints on statistics related to the amount of waste that the United States of America creates.  It is perhaps a good opportunity at the moment to take a really close look at how much garbage we are producing ourselves and how different countries compare to one another.

So much to report and there will be more photos to show all the progress in the classes in the next blog post (been forgetting to take the camera to class lately but will make sure to do some photo documentation next week and put the photos up in the next blog post).

Until the next time, have fun out there and stay close to the Earth.

Pak Brett


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