Brett – Welcome back (what is in store for Primary Green Studies this term)

Hello to all the new families and everyone,

It is great to be back to school and we are in the swing of an exciting term here in the primary.   In addition to some amazing projects we are getting into in each class, we are also going to be getting our hands into the soil and getting our gardens up and running for an abundant harvest in the coming months now that the rains have come.

In addition to our normal class assistants like Pak Wayan Bono and Pak Made Suasarna (our Green Camp garden expert consultants) we have a new intern that is joining our classes this term.  Her name is Ibu Melda Monica and she comes from Kalimantan.  It is great to have her in the class as she is already developing a great dynamic with the students and has a lot to share with us from her home and her experience.   Welcome Ibu Melda!

Grade one has harvested and saved the seeds of the cucumbers they planted last term.   They have planted the new seeds and have new cucumber seedlings ready to be planted here at school and anywhere the student has space at home if they like (some have already taken home some seeds).

Grade two is embarking on their pond project and are excited for the rains we have so that our shovels are easier to use.   We will be planting and beautifying our garden spaces around the pond, exploring the world of water plants and learning how we can support our friends in the pond to have everything they need for their happy new home.

Grade three has new garden space to get started and is excited to play a more active role in caring for the rabbits this term.  We have planted tomatoes and hope that they will be okay in this weather (something of an experiment) and will be planting more rain loving plants in the coming weeks.  We will also be working to reclaim our garden space that was grassed over mid-growth due to a communication issue with Ibuku and the workers helping with the new stairway to grades 4 and 5.   This will turn out to be a good lesson about reclaiming space and garden activism while showing the power of decision making in small groups.

Grade four is starting a unit on square-foot gardening (find out more at and companion planting and they are in groups figuring out how they can grow the most vegetable per square foot.  The challenge is on. We can’t wait to see what works best.  We also have some space for growing in front of the new primary art space and have been planting corn there directly from seed.

Grade five is starting their thematic on transformation and while there are going to be a few lessons in green studies looking at transformations in nature, we are focusing first on our chickens and how we can ramp up production of our eggs and get more out of our poultry system here at Green School.   We will be ordering more egg laying hens for the students to care for and a new coup will be added to the chicken area at the bottom of the stair next to middle school.  In fitting with their thematic of Transformation, we are going to be looking at our species transformation from hunting and gathering to agriculture to our current transformations back to a more Earth friendly way of life.   Mixed in there will be an inspection of our own lifestyle and how we can go even more “green” day by day.   (This will be followed up with our unit on the “material world” next month).

In addition to all of this, we will be creating displays with Pak Ignatius for the heart of school relating to the water crisis in Bali and what we can do to help out.

This and a whole lot more to come in primary green studies.  Stay tuned here to stay updated.   Here is to a dynamic and fun filled green studies semester with the primary.

In solidarity,

Pak Brett

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