Brett – What’s going on in Primary Green Studies

Hello Green School community,

It has been a good start to the year so far and each class is now prepping their gardens and getting different kinds of veggies selected for starting seedlings.   4th and 5th grade classroom gardens will be designated next week and the students will begin the planning of the plots these next weeks.

Also, grade four will be beginning a mapping unit called the “freerunning map of campus” in which they will be charting out the best places for jumps, rolls, hangs and branch swinging around the school.

This week had every class making banana leaf seed containers and planting different varieties of kale, spinach, pumpkin, sunflower, cherry tomatoes, peas, zuchini and basil.  We will continue to get more seeds going as we germinate our first set of plants for each class.

All classes are now taking care of the worms and generating liquid gold (available soon at the Farm Stand, MEI and Kul-Kul farm).  Already grade 2 B is in the lead in producing the worm juice with grade 3 B in close running behind them.  It is hoped that the money raised will go towards the Kul-kul program and scholarship programs, though this is up to the students to decide exactly where the funds should be allocated (former green studies fund raising efforts have raised money for Smile shop, Villa Kitty, BAWA Kembali).

Grade 2 will also be breeding mealworms and crickets beginning in the coming weeks to feed to our Bali starling friends over at the Begawan Foundation breeding center.  It is a great opportunity for the 2nd graders to get involved in helping a locally endangered species reintegrate into the surrounding environment.

Class 4 B had a great time feeding the pigs our leftover food scraps even if some of them complained of the smell (see photos below).   Over the course of this semester, each student in grade 4 will become experienced in how to care for our babi friends by the end of the term.

Introductions into the Permaculture design process starts early at Green School and even our grades one and two will be learning how to judge soil content by touch and why some soils are more suited to growing our food than others.

Below is the timetable for when each primary grade will visit the Mepantigan.   You will get this information in an email from the classroom teachers as well.

Tues P3 10:45 – 11:30Wed P5 1:15- 2:10Wed P6 2:10- 3:05Fri P3 10:45 – 11:30week 42AStarts term 2Starts term 23Bweek 52BGr 1week 64Ano schoolweek 75A5Bweek 83Ainterviews

Mud pit visits are not during green studies this year but there will be some challenge week and end of term visits during green studies time as rewards to hard working and productive classrooms so when those happen, that information will be posted here as well.

Green with joy,

Pak Brett (and the primary green studies students…)


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