BSSA 2018 Basketball Uniforms are here!

Sports Fans,

BSSA 2018 uniforms are available at the Green School Shop. 400,000 Rp. for a singlet and short combo, two different cuts of shorts for you fashionistas.

Check out the photos below.

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Mikel with the pull up jumper.

A hand shake after a dominant win over CCS.

Brycen draws two CCS defenders in a win.

Ben showing off our new uniforms.

Chayton surveys the floor at PG.

Chayton Thompson drives the lane.

Ben with the jumper.

A great game vs SLK. Mikel thanks the competition after a tough game.

Lucas filled in at 6th man PG for a sick Flynn.

Ben Fijal protects the ball vs. SLK

Chayton battles for a rebound.

Narayan played while sick, giving valuable minutes to help the 13/14/15 boys get over the hump against SLK

MVP of the game Brycen Moore had 8 points in the final frame to seal the win against SLK

Ben takes a foul shot vs. SLK.

Ben with the jumper.

Skye Grimley brings the pain against SLK in a double overtime thriller. GS def SLK.

Fynn eyes up a shot vs. SLK in our new uniforms.

Ben sizes up the competition.

Chayton with the jumper.

Chayton Thompson played all the minutes at starting PG for a sick Flynn.


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