BSSA Basketball and More about Swimming, X-country, and Athletics

Skye Grimley brings the pain against SLK in a double overtime thriller. GS def SLK.

Sports Fans,

BSSA Basketball Finals have been rescheduled for next Wednesday, April 11th

Games start at 2:30

11-12 Boys A Div @ BIS

Semi-Final 1 = Dyatmika v SUN; Semi – Final 2 = Green v BIS

13-15 Boys A Div @ Dyatmika

Semi-Final 1 = Green v BIS; Semi-Final 2 = Dyatmika v SLK

All the busses will depart from GS at 1:00.


BSSA Swimming

Practices and trials will resume next week.

The swimming carnival is Monday, April 24th at BIS in Sanur, mark your calendar.

BSSA Athletics and X-Country

This is a call for x-country and track and field coaches. The commitment is one after school practice per week starting April 30th with the x-country meet on May 16th and the big track meet on June 4th.

Coaches can choose which day they would like to come and which age groups they would like to work with, the PE team can reschedule the practice times to work with coach availability. Please speak to Jade.

The PE team can train you to coach any event you’re interested in doing.

Yours in Sevice,

Pak Jade “Usian” Mc-Bolt


Practices Start the week of April 30th (following the swim meet)

X-country Meet May 16th

Athletic Carnival (track meet) June 4th

Tentative Practice Schedule:

  1. Monday

  2. X-country and Track for MS/HS

  3. Primary Throws (mini-field)

  4. Tuesday

  5. Primary Jumps (field sand-pit and gym)

  6. Wednesday

  7. X-country and Track for Primary/MS

  8. Thursday

  9. No Practices

  10. Seniors encouraged to do Dan-sanity

  11. Juniors encouraged to join Frisbee

  12. Friday

  13. HS/MS Jumps (sand-pit and gym)

  14. HS/MS Throws (big field)


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