BSSA Basketball Scores and Upcoming Games – Week 2 – Feb 5th

13/14/15 Boys Basketball Team @ CCS 2018

Sports Fans,

Great Opening to the season on Wednesday, here are the results and a reminder for next weeks schedule.

BSSA scores Week 1:

11/12 Girls Team Results:

GS def CCS 2 , 9-4

LFB def GS, 14-12 (OT)

13/14/15 Boys Teams Results:

GS 1 def LFB 1,  28-12

SLK 1 def GS 2, 25-13

Week 2 Schedule:

 9/10 Mixed @LFB

11/12 Girls @ CCS

11/12 Boys @ Home

BSSA BasketBall 2018 Week 2 Schedule

Uniform Update: Uniforms are being sewn and screen printed as we speak, should be ready to go next week if all goes to plan. Please wear your old uniform, borrow one, or just a white t-shirt in the intrim.

Reminder about age divisions…

Teams are divided by age group and not grades. The BSSA age cut-off date is the start of the BSSA season, for basketball it is Jan 17th, meaning if you are 10 before Jan 17th, then you can play in the 9/10 age group even if you turn 11 during the season. I’ve attached the age limit cut-off dates for the remainder of the season.

Vday 4 v 4 Tournament: Feb 23rd.

Vday 4v 4 Basketball Tournament 2018, Friday, Feb 23rd. More details to follow.


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