BSSA Football/Soccer

BSSA Football/Soccer

Practice Schedule 3.15-4.30pm:

13/14 boys Pak Adam: Monday 11/12 boys Pak Eduardo(Pak Kyle): Monday

9/10 boys Pak Zach, Ibu Maria: Tuesday

6-8s mixed Pak Bambang, Pak Josh, Francis, Ibu Kania, Berlyn

13/14 girls(incl. 11/12s and 15+ girls): Ibu Amanda, Ibu Audrey: Thursday

15+ boys with Kul Kul games: Friday 3.15pm Pak Colin and Jade

*Games start Wednesday 2 September and 3 September for 6-8s

All coaches will be e-mailing their teams with exact match details and the BSSA permission form which parents need to sign and return

Many thanks!

PE Dept.


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