BSSA General Information

General Information on BSSA

BSSA – Bali School Sport Association.

  1. The BSSA is a volunteer organization for athletes to develop skills and socialize with the international sports community island wide. Athletes represent Green School values as leaders and team members, in a competitive context. The BSSA is both for the novice player to experience a sport for the first time and develop skills and for the experienced player looking for a mentoring experience.

  2. BSSA is a league run and coached by volunteers. The number of teams fielded and roster limits are set by the volunteer coaches and reflect the capacity of the facilities and the number of volunteers. Athletes’ focus, participation, and readiness inform all decisions which are ultimately the coaches.

  3. In general, students who have attended a majority of practices play in the games.  Some teams have very large numbers and given BSSA roster limits, playing time is typically allocated to those with the best attendance, participation, and readiness as well.

  4. The Blog is the best source of information about all games and updates from BSSA.

If you are interested in volunteering for the upcoming, Basketball, Athletics, X-country, or Swimming teams, or if you have any questions please contact Pak Jade.

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