BSSA Reminder: Carnival June 4th, 2018 @ BIS


Reminder: BSSA Carnival 2018, June 4th @ BIS

Busses Depart Green School @ 7:30 am sharp, returning to Green School after the awards ceremony. (2:30 pm)

Schedule of Events:

BSSA Athletics at BIS, Monday, June 4th at 8.15am for an 8.30am start.


BSSA Athletics 2018

  1. There will be no 800m.

  2. The sprint will only be 50m

  3. 400m for all ages will follow the 50m.

  4. High jump, long jump, triple jump, shot put, discus, javelin will all be as normal

  5. Relays will be 4 x 50m end to end.

BIS Athletics Layout

A few other points to note:

  1. Shade – there will be shade tents and seating at every event/station for both officials, competitors and spectators

  2. Rest Area – The high jump pits are at the northern end of our covered courts. This means the southern end will be available with each school having a designated rest area. Dues to the limited space please ensure your non-participating students are supervised. There are no ‘free play’ areas.

  3. Water – aqua gallons and dispensers will be available at both fields. Please encourage your athletes to bring water bottles to reduce plastic consumption.

  4. Food – our PTFA will be selling a variety of food and drink from the new courtyard next to the covered courts. There are also 2 warungs on our gang that the school uses for student lunches. Your students are your responsibility if they choose to use these warungs. Note there is no ‘lunch break’. Each age group has 2 x 25-minute breaks in the rotation.

  5. First Aid – there will first aid stations at both fields

The main points to note:

  1. Security – we will have support from Polsek Sanur at the major access points surrounding our facility. We will also have support from the Pecalang to assist with traffic flow and perimeter control. Our own security will control all entry points to our campus. As regular classes will be in session there will be no access permitted to the main school campus area. Bags will be checked at the entrances to all areas. No formal ID required but you may be called to ID someone who claims to be from your school but doesn’t seem to fit.

  2. Parking – this is an otherwise normal school day so our limited parking will only be available for the BIS community. The car park at Cangan Sari restaurant can be accessed by buses for your school teams. Any private vehicles will have to drop off participants/parents at the bypass and park elsewhere. Please ensure your school community is aware of this to avoid disappointment and frustration.

Rosters and Final Line-up:

Posted at the gym, chosen by coaches to have a fair and competitive representation of our school that includes all team members.


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