BSSA Scores and Updates – Fri Sept 23rd

Open Hat Tournament

Saturday 24 September 2016

8.00-8.30 Player registration and team creation

8.30-9.30 Primary round robin and final, Primary – ages 5-11

9.30-11.15 MS/HS/Open round robin and final, MS/HS/Open – ages 12+

Bring: Sports clothing, sport shoes/cleats, hat, water bottle, snack,

shin guards (optional)

Show up, put your name in a hat, create your team, and play!

BSSA News and Reminders:

9/10 Boys@GS

SLK draw GS1 , 0-0

SLK def. GS2, 1-0

9/10 Girls@GS

CCS  def GS2 , 6-0

CCS  def GS1, 6-0

CCS  def GS2, 10-0

6-8 Mixed@CCS

Mixed CCS 1 vs. GRN1 L 11-0 Mixed CCS 1 vs. GRN3 L 5-0 Mixed CCS 4 vs. GRN1 Draw 0-0 Mixed CCS 4 vs. GRN2 L 3-0 Mixed CCS 2 vs. GRN2 L 5-0 Mixed CCS 2 vs. GRN3 L 7-0 Mixed CCS 3 vs. GRN3 L 8-0 Mixed CCS 3 vs. GRN2 L 3-1 Mixed CCS 3 vs. GRN1 Draw 0-0

NEXT WEEK Sept 28th:

11/12 Boys @CCS

13/14/15 Boys@AIS

9/10 Boys @GS

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