BSSA Soccer Finals Wrap-up and Sign-Up for BSSA Volleyball Season

Sports Fans,

Thank you for supporting our student-athletes this season. We’ve had a ton of fun and we look forward to celebrating our successes this Friday during assembly with a small slideshow and building on our progress next year.

(Check back here for junior finals updates) UPDATES below!

Results for 9-10 boys and girls

Girls A final

BIS defeated CCS 3-2

Green defeated  SIS 3-1 in the 3rd place game

Boys A final

BIS defeated CCS 6-1

Dyat and French tied 3rd

Boys B final

BIS defeated  French School 7-1

Girls B: CCS def Dyat 3-0

Boys B: LFB def Dyat 3-2

Girls A: Dyat def CCS 1-0

Boys A: Dyat def Green 1-0, Green School Finished 2nd

Here are the results for the 13-15 finals:

Boys B Division – LFB won (vs. Dyatmika)

Girls B Division – Dyatmika won (vs. BIS)

Boys A Division 

4th place – BIS

3rd place – Green School

2nd place – SLK

1st place – Dyatmika

Boy B Division

4th place – SLK

3rd place – CCS

2nd place – Dyatmika

1st place – BIS

+15 Teams in the sun after falling to BIS in the Finals. 2017

Congratulations to our +15 teams, we’ve had the best result for a boys team in Green School history on Tuesday the 19th. Boys finished with the top seed in the round robin. Alex Rios provided shut-out goalkeeping to build a 2 – 0 – 2 record on the back of a hat-trick by Gede Witsen against LFB. The girls similarily received goal scoring up and down their line-up to cruise to a finals birth as well. Unfortunately, both teams couldn’t muster much offense in the final leading to 2nd place finishes to BIS in both cases. Our B division boys squad had a lovely day in the sun and finished 4th place with a 0 – 2 – 2 record. An awesome day all around. Special thanks to coaches Edu, Baxter, and Daniel for guiding their teams to successful seasons.

+15 Tournament Results @AIS Results

Boys Division 1: BIS 1, 2nd Green, SLK, CCS, Dyt 1, LFB 1

Boys Divison 2: Dyt 3, Dyt 2, AIS,  4th Green, BIS 2, LFB 2

Girls Division 1: BIS 1, 2nd Green, Dyt 1, CCS, SLK

Girls Division 2: AIS, BI 2, Dyt 2

Thank you to all coaches, Ibu Amanda, Pak Francis, Pak Dave and Pak Carlos, Ibu Harriett, Pak Joni, Pak Jayden, Pak Edu, Pak Dave H, Pak Garrett, Pak Angelo, Pak Baxter and Pak Daniel for all your service, as well as Ibu Novi for organizing all the transport every week.

See you next year,

Pak Jade

Now on to……

BSSA Volleyball Season is here next week!

I am filling BSSA volleyball coaching rosters for volleyball season starting next week. First come first serve for age groups preferences. Commitment is one practice per week and one game a week, games are on Wednesdays. The +15 teams are the exception, they have a tournament final only but practices are on Fridays after school. Please reply to Pak Jade with your request. The number of coaches will help the PE team determine/manage how many teams we will field in each age group and how many extra coaches I will need to recruit from our community.

Students, BSSA volleyball season starts next week, so please see your PE teacher to sign-up for teams.

Thank you for your continued volunteerism,


BSSA Volleyball Season: October 18th – December 7th

Team (Practice Day) – Tentative Coaches

9-10 Mixed (Tuesday) – Amanda Crosby / ????

11-12 Girls (Thursday) –

11-12 Boys (Thursday) –

13-15 Girls (Monday) –

13-15 Boys (Monday) – Pak Dan Marcu / ???

+15 Girls (Friday) –

+15 Boys (Friday) –

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