BSSA Swimmimng Festival on the Radar

Hello Swimmers,

Our Green Dolphins team needs you to swim the races for freestyle, butterfly, breaststroke and backstroke.

On the next 24th of April we will have the famous BSSA Swimming Carnival Meeting at the BIS Semi-Olympic pool, and we will need 2 athletes per event (2 boys and 2 girls) – starting with the age of 8 years old until 16+. To be there in the BSSA representing our glorious Green Dolphins team, you need to attend our trials by next week in the Jungle Pool (Tirta Harum).

Check the dates:

Meeting Point:       GS Ballet

Departure Time:   1.15 PM by Bio Bus

Arrival Time:         3.30 PM by Bio Bus

MS/HS:                    Wednesday April 18th

What to Bring:      Swimming suit, towel, googles, cap.

Those who classified will be joining the team on the 24th of April, departure from GS by 7.15 PM, returning around 3.30 PM

There is a lot of space to everyone to compete. Don’t worry if you are not Michael Phelps. Please come join us and have fun.

See you in the water,

The Green Dolphins Coaches Pak Edu, Pak Chris Thompson and Sweania (our beloved former student, who has nothing less then 5 records of the competition).

For more information send an email to

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