BSSA Updates – Week 6 Scores and Finals Schedule for Wed March 14th

***Big Update Below***!!!!!

9/10 Mixed Basketball Team handshakes after a win over AIS, Mar 7th.

Hi GS Sports Fans,

Congratulations to all players on an awesome conclusion to our regular season. The 9/10 mixed team went undefeated in their final home games of the season in front of the home crowd. Great times had by all.

We will be sending two teams to the finals next Wednesday, Mar, 14th. 13/14/15 Boys will be traveling to CCS and 11/12 Boys will be traveling to BIS. Both teams went undefeated in the regular season but will face a tough test against the East Side powerhouses of Dyatmika and Bali Island School.

Final Scores from Wed Mar 7th:

9/10 Mixed Team

GS1 def AIS – 8-6

GS2 def CCS3 – 18-0

West Side Finalists: Wednesday, March 14th

Buses depart at 12:30 for the early start! Don’t forget your uniforms available in the GS shop.

Division A:

11-12 Girls: 1st CCS , 2nd LFB @ BIS

11-12 Boys: 1st GR , 2nd SUN @BIS

13-15 Girls: 1st SLK , 2nd CCS @ DYAT

13-15 Boys: 1st GR , 2nd SLK @ CCS

2.00pm: Semi Final 1

2.30pm: Semi Final 2

3.00pm: Final B Division

3.30pm: Final A Division

+15 Tournament Schedule: Tuesday, March 13th @ Bali Island School


Bus for players departs at 10:30 am and returns after the last game at 4:30pm.

2018 Basketball Draw

Good luck to all our competitiors and thanks to all our coaches and supporters,

Pak Jade and the PE Team

For Reference:

East Side Finalists:

11-12 Girls A: 1st Dyatmika 2nd BIS

11-12 Girls B: BIS B

11-12 Boys A: 1st Dyatmika 2nd BIS

11-12 Boys B: Dyatmika B

13-15 Girls A: 1st BIS 2nd Dyatmika

13-15 Girls B: Dyatmika B

13-15 Boys A: 1st Dyatmika 2nd BIS

13-15 Boys B: Dyatmika B

Wednesday 14th March

11-12 Girls and 11-12 Boys @ BIS 

2:00pm: 11-12 Girls A Division: Semi Final 1 = Dyatmika v LFB; Semi- Final 2 = CCS v BIS

2:30pm: 11-12 Boys A Division: Semi-Final 1 = Dyatmika v SUN; Semi-Final 2 = Green v BIS 

3:00pm: 11-12 Girls B Division Final = BIS B v CCS B; 11-12 Boys B Division Final = Dyatmika B v CCS B

3:30pm:  Girls Winners SF 1 v SF 2; Boys Winners SF 1 v  SF 2

13-15 Girls @ Dyatmika

2:00pm:   Semi-Final 1 = BIS v CCS;

2:30pm:   Semi – Final 2 = SLK v Dyatmika

3:00pm:    B Division Final = Dyatmika B v CCS B

3:30pm:    A Divsion Final = Winners SF 1 v Winners SF 2

13-15 Boys @ CCS 

2:00pm:    Semi- Final 1 =    Green v BIS

2:30pm:    Semi- Finals 2 =   Dyatmika v SLK 

3:00pm:    B Division Final = Dyatmika B v SLK B

3:30pm:    A Division Final = Winners SF 1 v SF 2 

11-12 Boys and Girls: 10 mins per Half (2 mins Half Time)

13-15 Boys and Girls: 12 Mins Per Half (2 Mins Half Time)


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