Buaya – Week 4

Dear Parents,

This week we made special bracelet and passed it to our friends as the last week of “Feelings and Friendship” theme. In music class, Pak Brett also shared a new song about “We’re Going to be Friends”. During numeracy class with Ibu Yulia, we learnt about pattern. We explored the classroom to find some stuffs then arranged it into a pattern and we also made pattern from the beads. Besides that, we also learnt number 1-20 in the fun game called “Obstacle Game”. We stood up on the starting point and our friends shuffle the dice. Then we walked forward by looking at and counting the

number showed on the dice. Ibu Jo challenged us too find the hidden instruments on the playground area then listened to the sounds combined with some movements. We also practiced doing some beats with our group. In cooking class, we baked eggplants that were harvested from the garden and some potatoes. We increased our fine motor skills by cutting the potato into thin pieces and grated cheese. It was so delicious combined with garlic powder and parsley.

This Wednesday we celebrated the “Global Drum Circle” on the field. We played some instruments with varied beats. It was the drumming celebration over the word. In Bahasa class, we learnt number 1-10 collaborated with clapping hands. On Thursday, the whole school communities practiced first emergency drill. And it was a special day for Brooke, “Happy Birthday Brooke”, hip hip horee… A fun yoga class with Ibu Russlee to make us stronger and healthier.

Next week, we will start a brand new theme called “Farm Animals”. Parents are welcome to be the mystery guest with the fun activity (read a book, sing a song, play instruments or games, do some projects etc.) And on Wednesday, September 6, we will have an Early Years Potluck Breakfast which will be started from 8.15- 9.30 am in Kindy eating area. The whole Early Years families (Geckos, Starlings, Kindy A, Kindy B) are invited. So, please bring some healthy foods to share. Have a lovely weekend everybody.


Pak Brett, Ibu Yulia, Ibu Ria, Ibu Pandan

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