Building with Bamboo at Kul Kul Farm

Bamboo U for Parents

Learn to build and design with Bamboo at the Kul Kul Farm. A course offers, especially for Green School Parents. Choose the best programs that suit you:

  1. Full Program – IDR 11,475k (US$ 850)

  2. 5-Day Program – learn various approaches of design and construction with bamboo supported by theoretical lectures and hands-on workshops. Lunch included. JAN 29th – FEB 2nd, 2018 (9am-3pm) – IDR 8,775k (US$ 650)

  3. Construction extension ONLY – learn the construction of a bamboo building near Green School, designed during the 5 days program. Every Thursday for 6 weeks. Lunch NOT included. FEB 8th – MAR 15th, 2018 (9am-3pm) – IDR 4,725k (US$ 350)

A Parent’s Experience: BambooWHO?

Arriving to Bali from NYC was a big contrast landing into the Green School zone was utterly surreal.  The beautiful campus was a big reason why we chose the Green School with the incredible use of bamboo for the learning and teaching environments.  Once I had seen the beautiful work of IBUKU and the Hardy team I had to learn more. Having an art + design & education background only fueled my interest and passion to learn more.  The BambooU course hosted by Orin, Maria, and the KUL-KUL farm family was just the experience I dreamt of. A true hands-on seeing, making, smelling and feeling all that is bamboo in a jungle setting.  We met and worked with incredible local craftsmen and women who helped share techniques in crafting both simple and complex joinery, model making and using bamboo as an ideation material to play with.  I was truly inspired by learning about the cultivating, harvesting, treating and application of this wonderful material.  This course helped me to see the endless possibilities for built environments as well as products, furniture and for exploring playful ideas. As the poet, Rumi once said about the earth “Earth turns to gold in the hand of the wise” I believe we can say same that bamboo to turns to gold in the hands of the wise. Wise up and get involved with a beautiful experience that awaits you. Scott VanderVoort

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