Call for Volleyball Coaches!

Dear Garuda Fans,

-Do you like volleyball?

-Do you want to help build our sports programs?

-Do you want to help our student-athletes develop life long skills that will carry on guiding them even when they leave Green School?

-Do you love Garuda sports?!?!

If you answered yes to any of those questions (or even if you didn’t), we want you!  For anyone interested in coaching any of the following age groups, please email Pak Garrett at as soon as you can, first come first serve! 

There will be two vacancies for each group. Practice starts Monday, September 30th.  For ages 11+, trainings are twice a week, one game day per week and  for ages 9/10, trainings are once a week, one game day per week.

All other details will become available after sign ups this week.  Thanks very much!  Please see below for current vacancies:

9/10 mixed

11/12 girls

11/12 boys

13-15 girls

Garudas… AYO!

Best regards,

Pak Garrett

Athletics Director and Primary/Early Years Physical Wellbeing Teacher

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