Hello Garuda Fans,

It is time for the individual pursuit portion of BSSA sports!  This means that we will not have weekly matches, but rather one off events in swimming, cross country, and athletics:

-Swimming: Tuesday April 30th @ AIS 8:30am-2:45pm

-Cross Country: Thursday May 16th @ Green School 9am-11am

-Athletics: Friday May 31st *Location TBD 8:30am-2:15pm

–Start and finish times are approximate and subject to change.  These and other any other details will be announced when they as they become available.

*For any swimming details, please contact Pak Edu.

We would like to begin training for these events after April holidays.  As soon as I start hearing back from potential coaches and availability, the schedule will be confirmed and sent out via email to students and teachers, and blog and newsletter for families.

*PLEASE NOTE: These are individual pursuit sports meaning that trainings will only be one (possibly two days) a week in preparation for the events, and we strongly suggest that individuals do training outside of school on their own as well.  PW classes will also be doing cross country and athletics units for ages 9 and up.

All details on these events can be found in the BSSA handbook which is on the blog and attached here.

As usual, please keep checking the blog and of course… Garudas… AYO!


Best regards,

Pak Garrett

Athletics Director and Primary/Early Years Physical Wellbeing Teacher


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