Calling all Grade One Merah Parents and Guardians!

Dear families and friends of Grade 1 Merah (Ibu Pera, Ibu Sukma, Ibu Kris)

On October 22nd, Primary at Green School will begin exploring a new thematic entitled ‘Gifts From the Earth’. In our class, we will begin by discussing vocabulary and the language around ‘gifts’ and the ‘earth’, as well as exploring what it means to feel gratitude for the abundance of blessings that come from the Earth. We hope to cultivate an even greater sense of appreciation for our connection to what’s around us and our dependence on the Earth for our well being.

As part of this exploration, we would like to extend a teaching and sharing invite out to parents and family members to help us explore these natural gifts from earth. The Grade 1 teachers will begin the thematic by offering lessons about natural gifts we would like to share and our hope is that parents from the Grade 1 Merah class would be interested to come in and offer a 30 minute sessions/lesson/exploration into a ‘gift’ that you and your child choose together.

We will begin the thematic by asking students which natural gifts they would like to learn more about and we will send this information home so that it can help begin the conversation about which gift from the earth that you choose together. We encourage you to speak with your child about a natural ‘gift’ they are interested in learning more about and perhaps you can explore the topic together and present your findings to the Grade 1 Merah class. The teacher’s choices are listed in the link below as examples of gifts to be explored. Thank you for your help and we look forward to having you come in and help us explore the natural world!

Grade 1 Merah Gifts from the Earth Parent Sharing Schedule


– If you are unable to join us during the times below, please email me at us at and we can try and make other arrangements.

– There are 17 students in the Grade 1 Merah class. Please let us know if you need help with resources.

With much gratitude and excitement to learn from and with you,

Grade 1 Merah team,

Ibu Pera, Ibu Sukma, and Ibu Kris

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