Calling Out Parents To Participate on OROS Hub Project

The OROS Hub is a school wide initiative to highlight energy production and storage at Green School. The building will showcase ways of making renewable energy along with interactive elements to make the learning experience real for all ages. It will also house learning and gathering spaces. The building is predominantly made of local earth, and then will be plastered with lime. It will be the coolest (literally) place in Green School, so I am guessing that kids will be compelled to visit, if only to escape the heat.

In the following weeks we will finish building the structure, and then have a month of plastering. The final step will be a one of a kind integration of bamboo with our earthbag structure, creating a statement piece for the whole school to enjoy as the fruit of our collective labour.

We have had students of all ages come and join us, and now we invite parents and the broader community to come for free earthbag building workshops on Tuesday and Thursday after drop off. Please email if you are interested in coming out. We are ideally looking for 4-8 parents for each day, but will work with whatever we get!

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