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Dear Families and Friends,

Welcome to the last week of the school year! We are celebrating how far we have come on this learning journey. Although the year is ending in a way we did not expect, we are treasuring these final days together and wanted to have some extra fun in our Zoom sessions with the children.

Monday - Wear a hat day - a funny hat, favourite hat, your Dad’s too-big hat  - all are welcome!

Tuesday - Spots and Stripes day - clothes and /or face paint galore!

WednesdayFavourite outfit! - which clothes are you going to choose to wear! 

Thursday - A Pajama Party - bedtime clothes and a snuggly toy for everyone!

Friday - Dress up day - we wonder who will come to the Zoom? Super heroes, witches and wizards, pirates? We can’t wait to see.

Tomorrow is the premiere of our Kindy Graduation - the 'Stepping Up' ceremony to Grade 1 and a whole new Learning Neighbourhood. Stay tuned for the link! We hope you join in and enjoy this colourful and love-filled tradition as we send our oldest students off on a new chapter. We are truly grateful for each and everyone of you. Thank you for being a part of this adventure with us and for all of your time, energy and feedback.

With love,

Ibu Russlee on behalf of the Early Years Team

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