Challenge Week Choices for May 2-4

Hi All, We are happy to announce our choices for Challenge Week May 2-4.  We will share these with students for selection on Wednesday. Please have a look and discuss with them before then. Please note that all students involved with the play do need to stick with the play for set and costume design that week.

Many thanks, MS Team

MS Musical – WISDOM Sarita and Nicola, Jaclyn, Merli All MS Musical students – set/costume design (will running all week)

Balian Surf Trip Adam, Paul, Lara – (15 students max) Details have been emailed to parents.

Shark Trip Noan – This course is limited to students from the Jalan-Jalan Shark group. Details have been emailed to the parents of those students involved.

‘The Bella Project’ Ibu Kim Description: Creative fundraising. It will focus on war, refugees and education; what we can do to help. I have Bella Galhos coming in as a guest speaker. She grew up in a war-torn place and was a refugee herself. She fled to Canada and received good education there. As an adult she returned to her country to build her own Greenschool (Leublora, East-Timor) and to provide this generation with better opportunities. Students can organize a fundraiser for the Leublora Greenschool after looking into some background of East-Timor & Indonesia and current refugee crisis. By writing poems, songs, making paintings etc they’ll try to raise some money.

Stop-motion videos (or creative writing) Pak Driver Description: Students will be supported to create Stop-Motion films with the aim to organise a public viewing event.

Handicraft Pak Baptiste Description: Using silicon rubber, wax , Dremel and tools you will make the mold of your chocolate, then the chocolate. (maximum 10 students)

Frog Market Upcycle Project Teacher: Ibu Ida Students will develop their own upcycle clothing/apparel line by shopping at the ‘famous’ Pasar Kodok (Frog Market) in Tabanan, and creating a market stall to sell their creations. Students will need to invest Rp 200K for this project – all profits will go to a well-needy charity


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