Class Celebration and Week 4 Updates

Dear 3A Families,

Grade 3 ended the Thematic about Local Food and Farming with a class party on last Friday. It was the celebration of the students’ hard work in collecting points from Sustainable activities that they have done at home and schools for months.  Thank you for sending healthy snacks to school!  Grade 3 now is starting a new Thematic about money and currencies. They observed money using magnifying glass to see closely money from side to side. Then they started to create their own money.

In the class, Students continues to learn about how to persuade people with their opinions and facts in their writing and also speaking. They shared what they’re care about and give some strong reasons to persuade other people to think the same way.

Visualize it in your mind and your book, also another skill to build with the students as they learned about multiplication and division story problems. They have learned to visualize all information from the problems in pictures and to solve it.

In Bahasa and Culture Class, students reviewed a lot from what they have learned in the class about physical appearance and clothing. They read a short paragraph and tried to identify a picture from the information presented in the text. Then they learned to check the information presented and fixed the wrong part from the text.

Next week updates:

  1. Monday, 3oth of April, Primary Full Moon ceremony. Please send students with their Balinese outfits. (Boys: Kamen and Udeng(Balinese traditional hat);  Girls: Kebaya, kamen/sarung, selendang/sash.) This is the last one full moon ceremony of the year.

  2. Tuesday, 1st of May, No School-Labor Day.

FYI, starting this week and few weeks ahead, Ibu Mary, The Primary School Counselor, will come to Primary classes to teach students about Safety and Child Protection. Please read her note below:

A note from Ibu Mary, Primary School Counselor:

Hello Green School Parents and Families,

I hope this finds you well. As a part of the Green School Primary School educational program, I will be discussing safety with students in the coming days and weeks.  Green School utilizes the “Second Step” Curriculum for teaching about safety and child protection.  The following concepts will be discussed:

Second Step Lesson Concepts

  1. Adults are meant to take care of you and keep you safe

  2. Ways to Stay Safe

  3. 1. Recognize: Is it safe? 

  4. 2. Report: Tell an adult

  5. 3. Refuse: Say words that mean no

  6. Your body belongs to you. 

  7. Unsafe touches are never okay. 

  8. You can refuse any unwanted touch, even if it’s safe. 

  9. Paying attention to uncomfortable feelings in your body can help you recognize unwanted touches.

For additional resources to continue these conversations as home, you may visit

Best Regards,

Ibu Mary

Thank you.

Grade 3A

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