Coffee Talk De-brief and Update

Dear lovely MS parents, I hope you are all hanging in there. Thank you for your on going support; we are so grateful. This is a challenging time, for sure. We know there are many things that are working and not working for families right now. What is important is to realise this isn't forever, and to make it work for your child and your family. 

MS Coffee Talk De-brief

Date: Tuesday, April 28th

It’s becoming one of my favourite times of the week! Coffee Talks with you parents! When we were on campus we would only see a handful of parents, whereas now we get to see so many more of your smiling faces. Gratitude for your support, parents.

Here is an update of the discussion yesterday:

  • Ibu Esther, sadly, will be leaving us at the end of this year. She had decided this long before the Covid situation. She will be off school to write her book (Woohoo!) We will definitely see her on campus now and then.

  • Ibu Esther will be offering a one month Warrior Writers intensive to those interested. Stay tuned.

  • The weekly summaries that come from Google Classroom come because you are a guardian on the classroom. You also get daily summaries at the end of the day. We have no control over these; they are a Google Classroom setting.

  • We have a phone policy insomuch as we have asked students to not use their phones all day and instead, use them as a reward for doing work, if they have one. At this time it’s important for them to stay connected with friends, but you might like to have a phone collection basket where you collect phones in the morning and give back at lunch and so on. We cannot manage your child’s phone use from home.

  • There is a MS Distance Learning Survey on the Weekly Update board. PLEASE fill it out; it gives us important info as to how we can improve this temporary situation of schooling.

  • The 50 Days of Gaia Art Challenge - this is an art challenge for parents, teachers, and students to create visual art pieces about Mother Earth - either one each day or one piece over the 50 days. This is a great thing to do if your child’s Jalan Jalan project changes weekly. Something fun to do as a family!

  • Some parents have asked “why can’t my child have more online video sessions?” Our teachers are delivering content three times a day to three different time zones. This aligns with the HS timetable as we have a few teachers who teach across the LNs. Our teachers are working very hard to deliver meaningful work. Research shows that students work better with a balance of asynchronous and synchronous learning experiences. We need to remember that this is not forever, and we will be face to face again soon.

  • Jalan Jalan time: we believe this is a really good time to get off-screen and for students to involve themselves in other projects. We have had many reports of students enjoying all manner of activities. The Gaia Art challenge is a great one for this day! Or, getting ‘green’ in your garden as a family. Students ARE meant to be logging what they are doing in their logbooks (on Cocoon classrooms) for accountability and accomplishment.

  • We would like all students to have their videos ON for video sessions. This reduces potential for distraction and asks for more accountability.

  • “Can there be a checklist for my child so they know what they need to get done each day?’ Yes, Google Classroom has a TO DO list in the top left hand corner, but we are also creating a template resource for your children to fill in at home.

  • The links to classes need to be in the announcement section of each classroom before the call. We are asking all teachers to do this.]

  • If your child might be doing other things on their laptops, like youtube or gaming etc, sit them in a communal area with head phones on for video sessions.

ATTACHED in your emails is a Parent Week Ahead - A ONE STOP SHOP - for your updates. We make these for students and add them to their cocoons so they can find all the things they need. This is a board (made by the organised and creative guru, Ibu Esther) with all the links you would need to access information about MS. 

The MS Survey is there - please fill it in by Monday - greatly appreciated.

We hope it is useful - I hope to see you at Coffee Talks next Tuesday; they really are a lovely way to re-connect.

With love and gratitude, Ibu Nicola and Ibu Esther and the MS Team. Attachments area

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