Coloring Competition on A Wooden Spoon!

Hello Green School Community!

How are you? I hope you all are doing great!

I am Tessa, a green school high school graduate.

I am very delighted to inform you about an exciting coloring competition on a wooden spoon for small children in celebrating “A day of Youth” that is being held in the government office of Badung, Bali. I am the one who’s in charge of the event, and I am passing this information aiming to get more participant for this coloring competition. It’s going to be super fun and engaging!

Please let your students and your children know about this competition, who knows if they are interested to join 🙂

What is the theme?



Saturday, 10th of November 2018 (03.00 p.m.)


Wantilan Jaba Pura Badung government office, Sempidi, Bali.

Who is able to participate?

Category A: Kindergarten – Primary (Grade 1)

Category B: Primary (Grade 2) – Primary (Grade 4)

The registration fee to sign up for this competition is 35,000 Rupiah/child

Prizes for the 1, 2, 3 winners:

1. Cash

2. A Trophy 

3. Certificate

4. A gift

Facilities that are provided for all participants are:

1. Tools for coloring

2. Wooden Spoon (the coloring media)

3. Door prize bazaar

4. Goody bag

But please let your students and children know to bring their own drawing table for this competition.


If you have any further questions about this coloring competition, or your students want to sign up for the competition, please do not hesitate to contact me (Tessa) on 081353512553 (WhatsApp, SMS, and Call) or through email: the last date to sign up is on Wednesday, 07th of November 2018

Thank you for your attention, and hopefully see you in the competition!

Have a wonderful day, stay creative 🙂

This event is held by Badung regency of Bali

and supported by STAEDTLER & BPR Lestari


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