Colourful Week in Grade 2A

Deal Grade 2A Families,

Very dynamic! It might be the best words to describe our week in Grade 2A, we did fun and thoughtful card and acrostic poem during thematic and the children handed it out to their classmates, also we created our natural mandala as a practice before we built our mandala garden, two cute, cuddly kittens visited our class, we harvested our garden for the first time this week (have you cooked the veggie yet?) and practice how to include mindfulness when we are in anger, upset and sad situation.

Cute kitten visited our class!

We harvested our vegetable for the first time!

We were taking paint lines for a walk in art class.

Teman-teman activity with grade 2B

Thematic this week is still about building our community and we planned to create a Mandala garden next to our pond. The children designed their garden using natural staffs that they collected from outside the class. We  grew some plants in our garden and hopefully can be done this week. Next week we will start our new thematics, How Does It Work? It is a science based thematic where we are going to do some experiments and introduced simple words like hypothesis, method, conclusion etc. It is going to be super fun!!!

In Literacy lesson, we’ve done four stations, reading, creative writing, silent reading, creative handmade that is dealing with story. The children had rotated into every station and they were given different task based on their ability for example in writing station, one group would do sentences with long vocabulary and another group wrote sentences using sight words. Math this week, we are still working on place value and number skills. We also gave them some addition problem from easiest to the hardest level (column addition), the children are getting better at this since they do or choose the problem based on their ability and even try their best to do the challenging ones.

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