Community Health: Info on reported illness

Dear Green School Community,

Over the past few days, several members of our community have fallen ill with fever, diarrhea and vomiting. Other local and international schools across Bali are seeing this illness as well. Within our community, the numbers are estimated to be between 25-35 at this time, based on informal self-reporting information. At this stage we recommend the following actions:

1) If your child, or yourself, is feeling at all unwell, please stay at home. A note should be sent to your child’s teacher to let them know and it would help if you could explain the reason, so we can monitor the situation. 2) Hand washing and hygiene generally are particularly important at this time, please remind your child that it is essential that they wash their hands thoroughly after using the bathroom and before eating. Sharing food is very common at Green School and children should be asked to avoid this also. These reminders will be given directly to the students today. 3) We will increase bathroom cleaning protocols for the time being and monitor food sharing as far as practicable. 4) Please ensure you have provided the School with up-to-date contact information. A local number we can call you on if needed is essential, as well as a back-up local contact in case you cannot be reached. Please send this to 5) We love our hugs at Green School, but for the time being, we suggest we ease-up a little on the cuddles, so as not to encourage the spread of illness. 6) If your child is ill and reports to the First Aid Station with these types of symptoms, please do collect your child promptly and seek medical advice as appropriate. Please do not send your child, or yourself, back to School for 24 hours after the symptoms clear.

We will continue to monitor the situation and if further updates are needed, we will be in touch.

Love and respect

Leslie, Kate, and Wayan Green School Executive Team

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