Confronting Climate Denial – Integrated Thematic Learning in Action!

Greetings GSHS Families!

One of the courses offered in block one of this academic school year is called ‘Confronting Climate Denial’. It is a great example of thematic learning at Green School High School. Please find the student course description below:

Why are we all worried about the world getting warmer? As talk show host Rush Limbaugh so confidently claims, “It’s an upside down world… there is no warming, global or otherwise!”  

EEEEK! As we quickly approach a climate tipping point on this big gorgeous rock we call Earth, there is no denying the science–the world is getting warmer… AND humans are responsible. So why are there so many climate deniers? And why are so many people willing to stand by and allow our only home to become inhabitable? Many social scientific theories and concepts allow us to explore these questions further. Texts such as Dr. Philip Zimbardo’s “The Lucifer Effect” and Naomi Klein’s “This Changes Everything” illuminate issues and connect them to current events and representations of climate change in popular culture. From SpongeBob to CNN–the climate debate is everywhere. Let’s figure out our role in the controversy, and learn ways to confidently assert our own political, social, analytical and scientific beliefs. Then, let’s take ACTION!

You can find a link to the full course description here:

Confronting Climate Denial Advanced Interdisciplinary


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