Constructing Ogoh Ogohs, Constructing Stories

Hello, Grade 5 Parents!

It’s been a week packed with activity.  The students began new units and projects while continuing ongoing work.

We began our week with our Teman Teman with the Starling and Gecko classes.  Each week, the Grade 5 students plan activities for those classes, facilitate their activity for their younger friends, then reflect on the facilitation to determine what worked, what didn’t work, and why, to better plan for the next week.  This week’s activities included:  fishes and whales, an obstacle course relay, duck-duck-goose, and broken telephone.

In Literacy, the students used the inferring skills practiced in the last two weeks and applied them to creative writing.  They were given the choice of illustrations from The Mystery of Harris Burdick (by Chris Van Allsberg).  Once they had chosen their illustration, they highlighted visual clues to help them determine what is going on in the story.  They then used planners to determine the story setting, the characters, and the plot of their creative writing.  Next, the students will begin conferences with the teachers, then begin the rough drafts of their stories.

In Maths, we began our unit on fractions, the students are learning about equivalent fractions, stating fractions in lowest terms, and making sets of like fractions so that fractions can be added, subtracted, multiplied and divided.

Our Construction thematic continued this week as the students prepared their Ogoh-Ogohs.  The students developed some great ideas for the themes and those are now being put into action.

Our week ended with a perspiration-inducing morning fitness that got the students moving and refined some gross motor skills.

***Note:  Next week, as a special project, the students will work with a local artist to produce prints on t-shirts.  Please remind your child to bring in a used t-shirt for the printing.

We hope that all students had an enjoyable week.  We will see them on Monday, hopefully with many stories to tell about their eventful weekends.

Best regards,

The Grade 5 Team

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