COP24 Live Report from Poland

This past week has been a whirlwind for the Green Generation team here in Krakow, Poland for the COP24 and COY14. The day after we arrived, freezing and excited, we hopped on a bus to Katowice for the opening day of the COY14.

Our performance and presentations were a hit and allowed us to meet many other young climate activists from around the world. The second day we attended workshops that exposed us to new things such as the People’s Demands for Climate Justice, as well as covered more familiar topics such as permaculture and ways to be involved in the climate movement.

At our first day at COP24 a few days later, we got to participate in a demonstration articulating the People’s Demands for Climate Justice organized by SustainUs, a youth activism group from the US!

In other news, we performed and presented at the GIN (Global Issues Network Conference) in Warsaw and stayed the night with host families. Looking ahead we will be attending workshops, side conferences, and meeting at the actual COP24 for the next couple of weeks.

There has already been a ton of networking and collaboration between us and other climate activist groups that has given us a chance to expand our message and continue exploring different ways of making sure youth voices are represented in the decisions being made about our future.

Stay tuned to our Instagram, Facebook, Medium, and Youtube to keep track of us every day!

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