COP24 Live Report – Last Week

Representing Green School and the voice of youth in Poland

Green Generation’s last week at COP has been full of memorable and powerful moments. A special highlight was performing and presenting at a Polish school for 400 high school students. We were nervous to perform to the large crowd, but realized how happy they were to have us there. We got to go to the school because of a connection we made with a former student there who is now volunteering at the COP24. Veronica was extremely nice and we couldn’t let her down! Just one of many opportunities we are grateful to have had in representing Green School.

After we performed the Polish students ordered us pizza and coffee. We talked to them about their lives in Poland and what they know about climate change/environmental issues. They knew a lot, but were surprised by a lot of information about palm oil in Indonesia, and how they were affecting the industry with their consumer choices. They told us how many of their families have worked in coal mines for generations, so the switch to renewable energy needs to take into consideration their livelihoods. It’s pretty impressive that even though most Polish families have benefited greatly from coal mining jobs for decades, 69% of Polish people support a phase-out from coal. It makes sense though because poor air quality is a huge concern for many students.

After visiting the school we got all of their contacts and decided to meet up for ice skating at the Christmas market the next night! It was so fun to have new Polish friends who felt like old friends by the time we left with promises to come to visit us wherever we are in the world.

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