Coral Conservation Experience in Putri Menjangan

Last weekend KKC took 15 students to visit Menjangan island along with a nearby mangrove sanctuary. This was enjoyed by all and proved to be a great experience. On arrival KKC students gave a performance of trash monster to the local primary school. This performance was really well received, and did a great job of raising awareness about littering along with single use plastics. Following this it was off to Menjangan island, where the students took part in a trash walk while attending its holy temples. After a hot and sweaty trash walk it was a real relief to get into the sea for a spot of snorkeling. For many this was their first experience snorkeling and it really helped give them a closer connection to the nature under the sea.

On the second day we visited the mangrove sanctuary where students took part in another trash walk, followed by the planting of some mangrove trees. Here they were able to find out a little more about the mission of the mangrove sanctuary and its importance in the local ecosystem. There was even time for a little more snorkeling before returning home. After two action packed days, the long drive back served a good opportunity to catch up on some much needed sleep!


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